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browse our complete range of products, including Dr Schulze's Superfood Plus, in our online store

How to Plan a Detox

Generic Detox Protocol

For all detox programmes:

  • Bowel cleanse
  • Liver cleanse
  • Kidney cleanse
  • Whole body cleanse

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AM – Take water (¾ litre by 1 pm), herbs, food

PM –  Take herbs, food and potassium broth plus more water (another ¾ litre by 5 pm) and exercise

EVENING – Take herbs, potassium broth, water (another ½ litre by 9 pm), food and get a good sleep

(Herbs are individually covered in each cleansing programme.)

WATER – At the beginning of your cleanse stock up with plenty of bottled still, spring water – or alternatively you can use a water dispenser or filtered water. Consume not less than 2 litres daily on top of herb teas. Take more water if you have higher-than-average body weight (this will mean 4 litres of water daily for some). Drinking these unusual quantities can be difficult for many, so it may help to set times by which set amounts should be drunk, as described above, e.g. ¾ litre by 1 pm, another ¾ litre by 5 pm and another ½ litre by 9 pm. For the purpose of ensuring a 2 litre per day intake, buying 2 litre containers can be an easy way to make sure the required amount has been drunk by mid-evening. Always keep the water at room temperature and don't drink it if you feel cold in wintry conditions – wait until you are warm. For those finding it hard to cut out sugar, extra water can really help: adequate water allows proper production of energy in the body cells and proper circulation of glucose to the cells; not drinking enough water can cause undue interest in sugar for an energy boost.

FOOD – Avoid dairy, wheat and meat. Eat more whole grains (other than wheat), vegetables and fruit as these provide fibres, remove acid-forming components and change your body to a more healthy alkaline state. Potassium broth is useful as an adjunct to all cleanses.

EXERCISE – To release toxins efficiently, the circulatory system must be invigorated. Just 20 minutes a day of heart-pounding exercise is all that is needed. If this is not possible then try brisk (power) walking for ¼ hour to ¾ hour. Swimming, dancing, yoga, pilates; anything will help according to your abilities. Any movement massages your organs and moves your internal systems to help eliminate and neutralise toxins quicker, and with less dis-ease to yourself.

SLEEP –  You need more than usual when you are detoxifying, because the body is having to work that little bit harder and even take on tasks it may be "rusty" at performing. Sleep is a great healer and rejuvenator. Sleep is normally a time when the body's household tasks (i.e. cleaning and clearing toxins) are undertaken as a matter of course, but with more work than usual to get through, more sleep is required. Historically we all used to sleep for 10 hours; it is only in the last 100 years that this has become 8 hours at best and usually much less (thanks to electric light, TV, computers etc.). Aim for 10 hours and if you manage 12 hours at weekends then well done (children and other caring and work duties permitting).

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