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browse our complete range of products, including Dr Schulze's Superfood Plus, in our online store

Childhood Diseases - Mumps

An infectious disease is one that can be spread indirectly between otherwise healthy people. Infectious diseases do not require direct contact with the body or body fluids for them to pass along between people. The virus or bacteria can spread through air for example as for the common cold, or through infected surfaces. Childhood infectious diseases include measles, whopping cough, mumps, chicken pox and rubella (German measles). Meningitis is another infectious disease that appears to be on the increase, as is childhood diarrhoea. Viruses and bacteria spread very easily, especially via air and surfaces. This is why there is such emphasis on coughing and sneezing into disposable tissues. Reducing spread is easily achievable with good hand washing as well as maintaining clean surfaces; this is vital to prevent epidemics.

Childhood illnesses affect each baby and child differently. Symptoms may be very mild, or acute and difficult. Managing any fever and maintaining a good fluid intake are important issues. Many childhood illnesses are short sharp acute episodes but complications can occur from any childhood disease and it is always best practice to deal directly with a medical professional. Children go downhill very quickly (although they can also recover quickly) and we emphasise vigilance and prevention.


  • Dispose of tissues and keep your own hands clean.
  • Teach your child good hand wash regimes and practise these yourself.
  • Clean surfaces, especially those that have been touched by an infected person.
  • Remember to clean the telephone and headsets as well as handles, flush controls and light switches in bathrooms. Shared electronic equipment such as TV controls and shared computer keyboards, mouse and mobile phones all will easily carry viruses and other germs between people in the household.
  • Essential oils have excellent antibacterial properties and will provide airborne protection as well.


Mumps is often a mild viral illness but it has complications that can be unpleasant. The lining of the brain can be affected causing meningitis and this in turn can cause complications such as blindness or deafness. The testes can become inflamed as can the ovaries and this may lead to infertility in later life. The incubation period of mumps is quite long: 2-4 weeks.

Foods & herbs for the home

  • Some mothers panic if their sick child is not eating but in fact a few days of fasting from food is a natural route to recovery that a child is instinctively seeking. Energy is then directed away from digestion and is focused on dealing with the infection. When an appetite returns then keep to light, easy-to-digest food such as sweet fruit, fresh juices, vegetable juices, soups and homemade fruit jellies made from fruit smoothies and vegetable gelatine.
  • Superfood Plus is an excellent recovery whole food tonic. Mix in small amounts with a favourite fresh juice and take throughout the day. The high vitamin and mineral content provides bedrock nutrition and will ensure that essential nutritional uptake is maintained along with a high fluid intake.
  • Keep fluid intake high especially during a fever. Lavender Flower Herbal Tea is a perfect choice as it calms and soothes.
  • Don’t be tempted to give ice cream and dairy products because these foods produce a great deal of mucus. Mucus can be still infected for some weeks and is a vessel for passing germs to others with coughs, sneezes and excess secretions.
  • Itching skin and spots can be relieved by cool compresses of Organic Chamomile Tea.

Natural healing

  • Bed rest and plenty of fluids are the basics for swift recovery.
  • It is important that low activity levels and a lower food intake do not have an effect on bowel habits. You do not want your child’s energy to be directed toward toxicity and constipation. Ask for a sample of Barberry Capsules if this is a problem and focus attention on foods that maintain good bowel tone: fruit, vegetables, whole grains and water.
  • Read more about how to keep your child strong and able to resist disease for the long term. Dr Richard Schulze discusses his natural healing methods in his blog and newsletters.
  • Chamomile Essential Oil is soothing and calming for patient and parents. Add a few drops to bath water or a pillow along with Lavender Essential Oil.
  • Dr Christopher wrote an excellent book called "Childhood Illnesses" that deals with the management of childhood diseases. Written many years ago, it is a little old fashioned in places but still contains really useful information about natural healing and nutrition. You may still find this in print.

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