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Your appendix is an area of lymphatic tissue that sits at the first part of your colon or large bowel. Inflammation and infection of the appendix is quite common. Problems arise from inadequate digestion and elimination resulting in lowered bowel mobility and poor bowel function due to chronic constipation. You may experience the warning pains of a grumbling appendix or the acute pain of inflamed tissue. The main risk of inflammation in the appendix is rupture. This will spill infected material into the abdominal cavity causing peritonitis, which is a serious condition. Signs such as acute right sided lower abdominal or navel pain, fever, rapid pulse and vomiting are all possible emergency signs. Seek emergency treatment.

The non-active nature of a rumbling appendix (chronic appendicitis, where there is inflammation but not infection) provides you with the opportunity to make the lifestyle and dietary changes that will produce a strong, healthy and active bowel. We know that this reduces the risk of polyps and potentially serious bowel disease such as colon cancer.

Foods & herbs for the home

  • Rest your colon. In hospital you would be fasting from solid food and this remains the best natural healing protocol (see the next section - Natural Healing - for more information).
  • We like to stimulate the natural healing ability of your body with the generous use of whole pressed juices that are able to rapidly flush through the colon. Choose a single juice each day, such as fresh apple, grape or carrot, and have several servings throughout the day, but avoid solid food. The juices should maintain high energy. Try to sustain this for a few days.
  • Start the day with a glass of prune and lemon juice in the morning for two or three days while you are doing this. 
  • After a few days ease back into whole foods but start with something light such as miso soup, sweet fruits and steamed vegetables.
  • Gradually build up the amount of vegetables, grains and beans that you eat.
  • You will be able to tolerate small amounts of animal protein but the intention is to focus on food that lowers your risk of future bowel problems.
  • Maintain really good hydration; water is the friend of a healthy bowel.
  • Linseeds (flax seeds) help to provide bulk, slipperiness and softness to the stool. These are now readily available from health food stores and supermarkets. Grind them and add to foods or soak the whole seeds in a glass of warm water before drinking.
  • Dealing with chronic constipation takes a little time. Psyllium Husks are very useful because these absorb large volumes of water to move faeces and toxins out of the body.
  • Gut bacteria can become unbalanced with chronic constipation. Redress this with a course of gut-friendly probiotics.

Natural healing

  • Rest your colon. Give it the chance to empty naturally and restore itself so that more focused work will act quickly and be more effective. We are emotionally attached to food and unaccustomed to a few days without regular solid food. You will not wither away on a day or two of drinking high quality juices. Superfood Plus is an easily digestible food-based product that supports health and energy particularly well.
  • Natural healing is a process of trust in your body. It is wise to support its innate ability to self-regulate, as your body always seeks health.
  • Ginger and Black Pepper are spices that stimulate muscle. You can also use these as essential oils and add them to a base oil or cream to use on the skin. Massage the abdomen in a circular motion from right to left for about 10 minutes twice a day. The essential oils will penetrate and assist with movement of the bowel muscles. 
  • Alternatively make fresh ginger tea and soak a cloth in it. Place this over the appendix area and put a hot water bottle on top. Relax!
  • Alternating the flow of hot and cold water over the colon in the shower is an old established naturopathic method to stimulate blood flow to stagnant areas.
  • Consider deeper colon work. You can access a great deal of information about methods that can achieve this by downloading a free book - Dr Richard Schulze's "5 Day Bowel Detox”.
  • Toning the colon after chronic constipation is important. Dr Christopher developed formulas to work on his chronic colon problems. We use them to this day. ColoClear Capsules are gentle and effective.
  • Movement always supports the body - we are not designed for prolonged periods of sitting or slumping. If you work at a desk then set a timer so that you get up and move around every hour, allowing gravity to act upon the colon.

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