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browse our complete range of products, including Dr Schulze's Superfood Plus, in our online store
browse our complete range of products, including Dr Schulze's Superfood Plus, in our online store

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Anaemia is a condition that develops because your blood is not able to carry enough oxygen to the cells of your body. The most common cause is insufficient iron in the blood. When your body receives iron from food it can make an iron-rich protein called haemoglobin. In this form, iron can combine with oxygen in the lungs. It is only this bonded form of oxygen that is able to move freely in the blood to nourish and oxygenate your body.

When you have low levels of iron you cannot make enough haemoglobin, so there is not enough to bind with oxygen. This means that your body must ration oxygen and use it for essential activities. You will not have enough oxygen to meet the demands of an active life. The main symptoms are linked to low energy. You may feel tired, lethargic, dizzy, irritable and breathless. Another physical sign of anaemia is pallor - you will look pale and may have pale ridged nails, pale lower eyelids and the pale lines on the palms of your hands. Your immunity will also be lowered. These signs should prompt you into action, but typically it is tiredness that takes you to a doctor for a blood test. If haemoglobin levels are low you will be diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia and your doctor will investigate causes. Blood tests are useful but the whole symptom picture and lifestyle need to be explored. Women are especially vulnerable to slow steady blood loss because of menstruation and pregnancy; however, any other cause of potential blood loss must be investigated. Prevention is quite straightforward and the focus is a diet high in natural sources of iron and ensuring that your digestive system is strong.

Foods & herbs for the home

  • Avoid or limit tea, coffee and alcohol as these may disrupt your ability to absorb some nutrients including iron.
  • Consume foods rich in iron and B vitamins (especially B12). A rich source is Superfood Plus which is easy to assimilate and easy to prepare.
  • Vitamin C will also assist better absorption of iron from food. Emphasise cherries, blackcurrants, apricots, grapes, beetroot and beetroot tops, red kidney beans, watercress, and carrot juice.
  • Blackstrap molasses are phenomenally high in iron and can be eaten by the tablespoon unless you are diabetic or suffer with candida.
  • Nettles are easily available and free for much of the year. Fresh or dried nettle tea is rich in absorbable iron as well as magnesium and calcium. Drink 3 cups a day as a tea. Experiment and add fresh cooked nettles to soups and casseroles. Wild crafted Nettle Herbal Tea is available from our catalogue.
  • Fresh, raw, bitter foods taken as a small salad or a juice before meals act as a good digestive tonic. Finely chopped rocket leaves, watercress and chicory all prepare the stomach for digestion. Strengthen it further with a dressing of organic apple cider vinegar and olive oil or experiment with a specialist vinegar such as Lemon & Artichoke Concentrate.


Natural healing

We also like:

  • Keeping things simple with fast acting food based supplements that give you bedrock nutrition.
  • Taking time out of busy schedules to explore natural environments, connecting to nature and green spaces. Green pigments in plants are similar chemically to red pigments in the blood and can help to remind us all that the best food comes from plants.
  • Natural healing creates multiple prompts for your body to return to equilibrium as far as it is able. Dr Richard Schulze has written books that promote his ideas for increasing energy that you might like to read or download for free

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